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Orca Foot Massage + FREE Costero Universal Cushion


With its automatic air pressure, the Dolphin Orca Foot Massage provides a deep, reflexology massage for your sore and tired feet. With its combination of infrared heat and a tourmaline heat box, it boosts blood circulation and cleanses the body of waste products, leaving you feeling refreshed and energized.

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Additional specifications:

  • The product offers three massage speeds and two speeds to control the heat therapy.
  • Features eight massage heads with different shapes and four massage heads for the sides of the feet and ankles.
  • Has airbags for the soles of the feet.
  • Includes a set of removable, washable fabric bags.
  • The product also comes with an extra plug for the car, so passengers can get a massage during the trip.
  • The product is not for use by children.
  • Do not use the product if you have a pacemaker.
  • If in doubt, always consult your doctor before use.

User Manual:

  • When you turn on your foot massage, it works like this:
  • The on/off button lights up RED.
  • PRESS the “Auto” button and all buttons are illuminated.
  • The “KNEADING” button gives you a rolling massage under your feet.
  • “AIR PRESSURE” lights GREEN (Provides normal air pressure massage).
  • PRESS “AIR PRESSURE” again and the light will turn orange and press harder.
  • PRESS “AIR PRESSURE” again and the light will turn red and press/massage even more.
  • PRESS “HEAT” to apply a gentle heat to your feet

You can also start with a roller massage by only pressing “KNEADING” and slowly apply more PRESSURE with “AIRPRESSURE”.

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