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Laser Therapy


LLLT Laser (Low-Level Laser Therapy) is a device designed to promote hair growth. It utilizes low-level laser therapy technology for safe and effective hair regeneration. Laser therapy is a medically approved treatment method and recognized for its gentleness and effectiveness. The device is CE marked and complies with all relevant safety requirements. Laser therapy delivers highly concentrated energy that penetrates deep into the scalp to support natural healing. This device can also slow down or completely halt hair loss. It is a unique product recommended by several doctors.

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You can expect to see an improvement in hair density within 3 to 4 weeks after use. This device combines three different wavelengths of light:

  1. 650nm red light: This red light is crucial for laser therapy and hair regrowth.
  2. 415nm blue light: Used for cool LED treatment to care for the hair and promote growth.
  3. 264nm UV light: This ultraviolet light fights bacteria and viruses on the scalp, contributing to a healthier scalp.

This device is the first on the market to combine these wavelengths to support hair growth and maintenance.


This new foldable device is suitable for both private and clinical use and has clinically proven efficacy in the treatment of hair loss in both men and women.

How It Works:

The device utilizes laser therapy to stimulate hair follicles. To achieve optimal results, the device should have unobstructed access to the scalp without hair blockage.

Instructions for Use:

The device should be used 3 times a week, with rest days in between (e.g., Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday). It should not be used more frequently than described, and each treatment should only be performed every other day. Clinical studies have shown that 90% of both men and women experience increased hair growth when using this device.


Safety Label – Laser Parameters – User Conditions:

  • Wavelength: 655 nm (+/- 10 nm) visible red light
  • Laser Power: 5 nW CW (continuous wavelength)
  • Divergence: 57 mrad (milliradians)
  • Number of lasers: 52 pieces
  • Number of LEDs: 24 pieces

These parameters are important to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the device in the user’s application.

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